PRIMEFIT offers a wide variety of Filter, Lubricators, and Regulators

  • Efficiently Run your Air Tools and Equipment
  • Proper Tool Lubrication is Needed to Ensure Long Life with your Pneumatic Tools
  • Air Regulators for Precise Regulating and Maintaining Constant Air Pressure
  • Quality Filters for Clean Dry Air 


ImageSKUDescriptionFunctionMax Inlet PSIMax Outlet PSINPT SizeSCFM @100PSIhf:att:pa_functionhf:att:pa_max-inlet-psihf:att:pa_max-outlet-psihf:att:pa_npt-sizehf:att:pa_scfm-100psi
R1203G1/2″ Air Regulatorregulator200-psi160-psi1-2120
FR1203G1/2″ Air Filter Regulatorfilter-regulator200-psi160-psi1-2120
CR1401G1/4″ Compressor Replacement Air Regulator W/ Gaugeregulator200-psi160-psi1-460
R1401G1/4″ Mini Air Regulatorpressure-regulator200-psi160-psi1-460
FR1401G1/4″ Mini Filter Regulator Combofilter-regulator200-psi160-psi1-460
R3802G3/8″ Intermediate Air Regulatorpressure-regulator200-psi160-psi3-880
FR3802G3/8″ Combination Air Filter Regulator with gauge (MAX PSI 145)filter-regulator200-psi160-psi3-880
FRL3802G3/8″ Air Filter, Regulator and Lubricator – 3 in 1 Combofilter-regulator-lubricator200-psi160-psi3-880
F14011/4″ Mini Air Filterfilter160-psi160-psi1-460
F38023/8″ Intermediate Air Filterfilter160-psi160-psi3-880
FBOWL383/8″ Filter Bowl Replacementfilter160-psi160-psi3-8n-a
XFSG1400-2Extreme Duty Disposable Spray Gun Filters – 1/4″ NPS to 1/4″ NPTfilter100-psi100-psi1-4n-a
D1400Inline Desiccant Dryer/Filterdesiccant-dryer90psi90-psi1-460
D38023/8″ Desiccant Dryer and Oil Remover Filter Combodesiccant-dryer160-psi160-psi3-880
PG160A18160 PSI Pressure Gauge – 1-1/2″ Face – Back Mountedgauge160-psi160-psi1-8-mnptn-a
PG160B14160 PSI Air Pressure Gaugegauge160-psi160-psi1-4n-a
PG300B14300 PSI Air Pressure Gaugegauge300-psi300-psi1-4n-a
PGF200B14200 PSI Glycerin Filled Pressure Gaugegauge200-psi200-psi1-4n-a
CT1003Air Compressor Drain Cock – Winged Style 1/4″ NPTdrain200-psi200-psi1-4n-a
CD1000Compressor Auto Drain Kitdrain160-psi160-psi1-4n-a
L38023/8-inch Micro Fog Air Lubricatorlubricator160-psi160-psi1-460
RSG1400G1/4″ Spray Gun Air Adjusting Valve with Gauge – 0 to 125 PSIflow-adjust125-psi125-psi1-460
R1402DIGDigital Air Flow Regulator 5 to 160-PSIflow-adjust160-psi160-psi1-460