Air Push To Connect, Air Piping System and Accessories

  • Push To Connect System can be Mounted to Walls, Ceiling or Surface
  • Air Tubing is 1/2″ (OD) Outside Diameter / 3/8″ (ID) Inside Diameter Tubing for Maximum Air Delivery.
  • TPEE Tubing Offers Excellent Flexibility and Strength
  • Easy to Install
  • Maximum Working Pressure 150 PSI 
  • Kit contains manifolds for 2 air drops and 1 splitter.
ImageSKUDescriptionFunctionQuantityTube ODNPT Sizehf:att:pa_functionhf:att:pa_quantityhf:att:pa_tube-odhf:att:pa_npt-size
PCKIT2626-Piece Accessory Kit w/100ft Tubing OD 1/2″ ID 3/8″kit26-pcs1-23-8
PCKIT8Push to Connect Air Outlet Block Kit w/ Quick Coupler (1/2″ OD)outlet8-pcs1-23-8
PCKIT99 Piece Push to Connect Fittings Kit for 1/2″ OD Tubingkit9-pcs1-23-8
PCKIT77-Piece Push-to-Connect Outlet Block Kitoutlet7-pcs1-23-8
PCKIT61/2″ Push to Connect Manifold Splitter Block Kit (7 Piece)splitter7-pcs1-23-8
PCKIT55 Piece Push to Connect Outlet Accessory Kitoutlet5pc1-23-8
PC12HC12-Pack Push-To-Connect Nylon Tube Clampsconnector12-pcs1-2n-a
PCBL383/8″ NPT Push-To-Connect Outlet Blockoutlet1-pc1-23-8
PCMBL38Push To Connect Splitter Manifold Block – 3/8″ NPT Portssplitter1-pc1-23-8
BV38M3/8″ Male NPT Push-To-Connect Ball Valveoutlet1-pc1-23-8
PC1238M1/2″ x 3/8″ Male NPT Push-to-Connect Straight Unionunion1-pc1-23-8
PC1238M-44 Pack 1/2″ Push To Connect to 3/8″ Male NPT Fittingunion4pc1-23-8
PC1212S1/2″ Push to Connect – Straight Fittingstraight1-pc1-2n-a
PC1212S-44 Pack Push To Connect Straight Fitting Kit for 1/2″ OD Tubingstraight4pc1-2n-a
PC1212E1/2″ Push-To-Connect 90-Degree Elbow Fittingelbow1-pc1-2n-a
PC1212T-44 Pack Punch to Connect “T” Fitting for 1/2″ OD Tubingt-fitting4pc1-2n-a
PC1212E-44-pack Push To Connect Elbow Fittings for 1/2″ OD Air Tubingelbow4pc1-2n-a
PC1212T1/2″ Push-To-Connect “T” Fittingt-fitting1-pc1-2n-a
NY121001/2″ OD (3/8″ ID) x 100 Ft Push to Connect Air Tubing (Flexible TPEE)tubing100-ft1-2n-a
NY120501/2″ OD (3/8″ ID) x 50 Ft Push to Connect Air Tubing (Flexible TPEE)tubing50-ft1-2n-a
NY120251/2″ OD (3/8″ ID) x 25 Ft Push to Connect Air Tubing (Flexible TPEE)tubing25-ft1-2n-a