• Designed for Cleaning Hard-to-Reach areas with a stream of compressed air. 
  • The Perfect Tool for Cleaning Fine Dust, Parts Cleaning, Tire Inflations, and Industrial Applications. 
  • PRIMEFIT Offers you a Full-Line of Air Blow Guns including High-Flow, Safety, OSHA, Pistol, Pocket, and Extended versions.  
ImageSKUDescriptionNPT SizeOSHAhf:att:pa_npt-sizehf:att:pa_osha
HFBG1001Hi Flow Blow Gun – OSHA Approved1-4yes
BG1001Standard Safety Blow Gun OSHA Approved1-4yes
BG1003D-77-Piece OSHA approved Blow Gun Kit1-4yes
XBG2001Extreme Duty Blow Gun with Rubber Tip and OSHA Approved Safety Tip1-4yes
BG1002Pistol Grip Blow Gun with Composite Body1-4no
BG1006-2Blow Gun Kit w/ 4″ Extension1-4no
BG1006-44-Piece Blow Gun Kit w/8″ and 4″ Extensions1-4no
BG10021313″ Pistol Grip Blow Gun w/Composite Handle1-4no
BG1007Adjustable Extension Blow Gun – Adjustable lengths from 13″ to 21″1-4no
BG10042-Foot Extended Blow Gun1-4no
BG1008PI1/4″ Industrial Style Pocket Blow Gun1-4no