PRIMEFIT offers a Variety of Splitters and Manifolds   

  • Splitters Feature Commercial-Grade Brass 6-Ball Bearing Couplers for Long Life
  • Splitters and Manifolds for Commercial, Contractor and Production Applications
  • Combinations Available:  2-Way, 3-Way, 4-Way, and 5-Way 
ImageSKUDescriptionSplitterBody SizeNPT SizeMaterialhf:att:pa_splitterhf:att:pa_body-sizehf:att:pa_npt-sizehf:att:pa_material
M1404-4Industrial Style 2-Way Manifold /w 2 Couplers, Plug2-way1-41-4brass
M1401-5Industrial Style 3-Way Round Manifold /w 3 Couplers, Plug3-way1-43-8aluminum
M1406-5Industrial 3-Way HEX Manifold w/ 3 Couplers, Plug3-way1-41-4brass
M1402-5Industrial Style 3-Way Bar Manifold /w 3 Couplers, Plug3-way1-41-4aluminum
M14025-6Industrial Style 4-Way Bar Manifold /w 4 Couplers, Plug4-way1-41-4aluminum
M14025-7Industrial Style 5-Way Bar Manifold /w 5 Couplers, Plug5-way1-41-4aluminum
M1401A-53 Way Round Manifold with T / AUTO Style Couplers and Plug3-way1-41-4aluminum