Q: Are you the Manufacturer for your products?

A: Yes, we are the actual manufacturer for over 90% of the items we sell. We produce and assemble these items in our own global facilities in Asia and the US.

Q: Does you sell parts for your Hose Reels?

A: Yes, part number HRPART1 is the replacement ratchet, and HRPART2 is a replacement for the swivel hub inlet fitting

Q. Does your hose reel parts fit other brands?

A: Possibly it depends on the dimensions which we have provided on our site

Q: What is the size / diameter of your Push to Connect Air Tubing

A: Our push to connect tubing is 1/2″ (OD) Outside Diameter and 3/8″ (ID) Inside Diameter.

Q: Does our Air Tubing NY12100 or PCKIT26 resist water?

A: Yes, our TPEE tubing resist water and is extremely durable and flexible

Q: Does it matter which direction I install my Air Regulator?

A: Yes, the air flow direction is shown on the product, usually on the bottom in the form of a triangle or arrow pointing in the proper direction of the air flow.