PRIMEFIT Self Coiling – Recoil Air Hose

Primefit’s Self Coiling Air Hoses extend to full length and recoil back for easy storage and management. Available in Polyurethane and Nylon options.

ImageSKUDescriptionNPT SizeMaterialLengthPsihf:att:pa_npt-sizehf:att:pa_materialhf:att:pa_length
PUR14015P1/4″ x 15 Ft Polyurethane Recoil Air Hose with Repairable Swivel Ends1-4-mnpt-swivelpolyurethane1-4-x-15ft
PUR14025P1/4″ x 25Ft Polyurethane Recoil Hose with Repairable Swivel Ends1-4-mnpt-swivelpolyurethane1-4-x-25-ft
PUR38050P3/8″ x 50Ft Polyurethane Recoil Air Hose1-4polyurethane3-8-x-50-ft
NYR140251/4″ x 25Ft Nylon Recoil Air Hose1-4nylon1-4-x-25-ft
NYR140501/4″ x 50Ft Nylon Recoil Hose1-4nylon1-4-x-50-ft